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Deprecated List



Detailed Description

Member AbstractClassRep::isClass (const AbstractClassRep *acr) const

Use isSubclassOf.

Member AtlasChunkConvexType

Member ConsoleConstructor::mCallback


Member ConsoleObject::consoleInit ()

You should use ConsoleMethod and ConsoleFunction, not this, to register methods or commands.

Member ConsoleObject::ConsoleObject (const ConsoleObject &)

This is disallowed.

Module gui_container_group

Functionality moved into GuiWindowCtrl.

Class rapidjson::FileStream

{ This was only for basic testing in version 0.1, it is found that the performance is very low by using fgetc(). Use FileReadStream instead. }

Member SFXXAudioVoice::OnVoiceProcessingPassStart ()

This is only here for compatibility with the March 2008 SDK version of IXAudio2VoiceCallback.