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Objects hold renderable items (in particular meshes).


Detailed Description

Objects hold renderable items (in particular meshes).

Each object has a number of meshes associated with it. Each mesh corresponds to a different detail level.

meshIndicesIndex points to numMeshes consecutive indices into the meshList and meshType vectors. It indexes the meshIndexList vector (meshIndexList is merely a clearinghouse for the object's mesh lists). Some indices may correspond to no mesh – which means no mesh will be drawn for the part for the given detail level. See comments on the meshIndexList for how null meshes are coded.


Things are stored this way so that there are no pointers. This makes serialization to disk dramatically simpler.

Public Attributes

S32 firstDecal 
S32 nameIndex 
S32 nextSibling 
S32 nodeIndex 
S32 numMeshes 
S32 startMeshIndex 

Index into meshes array.