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Public Functions

The resource should put a description of itself (number of vertices, size/width of texture, etc.) in buffer.

fromTextureArray(const Vector< GFXTexHandle > & textureArray, U32 capacity)

When called the resource should restore all device sensitive information destroyed by zombify()

set(U32 width, U32 height, U32 size, GFXFormat format, U32 mipLevels)

When called the resource should destroy all device sensitive information (e.g. D3D resources in D3DPOOL_DEFAULT.

Protected Functions

Detailed Description

Public Attributes

U32 mArraySize 
GFXFormat mFormat 
U32 mHeight 
bool mIsCompressed 
U32 mMipLevels 
Vector< GFXTexHandle > mTextures 
U32 mWidth