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Protected Types

_Anonymous_ {  FoliageReplicationMask = (1 << 0)

Private Types


Protected Attributes


Public Functions

Called after any property of the object is changed in the world editor.


Called when the object is added to the sim.

Called when the object is removed from the sim.

packUpdate(NetConnection * conn, U32 mask, BitStream * stream)

Instructs this object to pack its state for transfer over the network.

Called when the SceneManager is ready for the registration of render instances.

Instructs this object to read state data previously packed with packUpdate.

Public Static Functions

Detailed Description

Protected Types



FoliageReplicationMask = (1 << 0)

Private Types

typedef SceneObject Parent 

Protected Attributes

GBitmap * mAlphaLookup 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mAlphaMapTextureSC 
GFXTexHandle mAlphaTexture 
U32 mBillboardsAcquired 
bool mClientReplicationStarted 
U32 mCreationAreaAngle 
U32 mCurrentFoliageCount 
GFXStateBlockRef mDebugSB 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mDiffuseTextureSC 
bool mDirty 
F32 mFadeInGradient 
F32 mFadeOutGradient 
Vector< fxFoliageQuadrantNode * > mFoliageQuadTree 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderAmbientColorSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderCameraPosSC 
GFXShaderConstBufferRef mFoliageShaderConsts 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderDistanceRangeSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderGlobalLightPhaseSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderGlobalSwayPhaseSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderGroundAlphaSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderLuminanceMagnitudeSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderLuminanceMidpointSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderProjectionSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderSwayMagnitudeFrontSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderSwayMagnitudeSideSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderTrueBillboardSC 
GFXShaderConstHandle * mFoliageShaderWorldSC 
U32 mFrameSerialID 
fxFoliageRenderList mFrustumRenderSet 
F32 mGlobalLightPhase 
F32 mGlobalLightTimeRatio 
F32 mGlobalSwayPhase 
F32 mGlobalSwayTimeRatio 
S32 mLastRenderTime 
U32 mNextAllocatedNodeIdx 
GFXStateBlockRef mPlacementSB 
U32 mPotentialFoliageNodes 
GFXPrimitiveBufferHandle mPrimBuffer 
U32 mQuadTreeLevels 
GFXStateBlockRef mRenderSB 
Vector< fxFoliageItem * > mReplicatedFoliage 
GFXShaderRef mShader 
ShaderData * mShaderData 
GFXVertexBufferHandle< GFXVertexFoliage > mVertexBuffer 
MRandomLCG RandomGen