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The base class for Torque's networking protocol.


Detailed Description

The base class for Torque's networking protocol.

This implements a sliding window connected message stream over an unreliable transport (UDP). It provides a simple notify protocol to allow subclasses to be aware of what packets were sent succesfully and which failed.

Basically, a window size of 32 is provided, and each packet contains in the header a bitmask, acknowledging the receipt (or failure to receive) of the last 32 packets.


NetConnection, NetProtocol

Protected Attributes

U32 mAckMask 
bool mConnectionEstablished 
U32 mConnectSequence 
U32 mHighestAckedSeq 
U32 mLastRecvAckAck 
U32 mLastSendSeq 
U32 mLastSeqRecvd 
U32 mLastSeqRecvdAtSend [32]