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Public Types

_Anonymous_ {  MaxLifetimeTicks = 4095

Private Types


Protected Functions


Called when the object is added to the sim.

Public Static Functions

Detailed Description

Public Types



MaxLifetimeTicks = 4095

Private Types

typedef GameBaseData Parent 

Public Attributes

S32 accelDelay 
F32 acceleration 
U32 accelLifetime 
F32 ballisticCoefficient 
U32 caster_safety_time 
U32 collision_mask 
bool echo_launch_offset 
S32 fadeDelay 
bool followTerrain 
S32 followTerrainAdjustDelay 
F32 followTerrainAdjustRate 
F32 followTerrainHeight 
F32 gravityMod 

Should this projectile fall/rise different than a default object?

F32 hover_altitude 
F32 hover_attack_distance 
F32 hover_attack_gradient 
U32 hover_time 
bool isBallistic 

Should it arc?

bool isGuided 
afxConstraintDef launch_cons_c_def 
StringTableEntry launch_cons_c_spec 
afxConstraintDef launch_cons_s_def 
StringTableEntry launch_cons_s_spec 
StringTableEntry launch_node 
Point3F launch_node_offset 
Point3F launch_offset 
Point3F launch_offset_client 
Point3F launch_offset_server 
F32 launch_pan 
F32 launch_pitch 
U32 lifetime 

How long the projectile should exist before deleting itself.

LightDescription * lightDesc 
S32 lightDescId 
F32 muzzleVelocity 
ParticleEmitterData * particleEmitter 
S32 particleEmitterId 
ParticleEmitterData * particleWaterEmitter 
S32 particleWaterEmitterId 
F32 precision 
Resource< TSShape > projectileShape 
StringTableEntry projectileShapeName 
bool reverse_targeting 
Point3F scale 
SFXTrack * sound 
SplashData * splash 
S32 splashId 
Point3F starting_vel_vec 
S32 trackDelay 
Point3F * wiggle_axis 
StringTableEntry wiggle_axis_string 
Vector< F32 > wiggle_magnitudes 
U32 wiggle_num_axis 
Vector< F32 > wiggle_speeds 

Protected Functions


Reimplemented from: SimObject